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Editing For Business ProfessionalsHere to assist you with all business writing such as websites, blogs, emails, PPT presentations, reports, and other business correspondence.
Editing For WritersFor individuals who have written a novel, memoir, book chapter, or academic article.
Editing for Non-Native English SpeakingSpecializing in clients whose first language is Spanish, French, or Japanese.

Customer Reviews

Esther Gokhale
Creator of the Gokhale Method®

“Audrey is such an asset to me and team members across my company. She provides invaluable support to our mission to make back pain rare, enabling us to present our material in an ever clearer, well-ordered, and professional manner. Nothing escapes her eagle eye. In addition to her vigilance and accuracy, she is perceptive in her understanding of what is often specialist subject matter, seeing right through to the essence of what we want to say. Her ability to respond quickly and help us meet urgent deadlines is more than appreciated. I highly recommend her services—you will be delighted by how well your copy reads once Audrey has worked her magic!”

Helene Bergeron,
Business Professor, IDRAC Business School

I have known Audrey Moreno since 2009 and she has always been helpful in copywriting documents, resumes, letters used in higher education in France. In addition, all of her work has always been carried out in a timely manner. Audrey is an asset and a reliable professional with a multicultural background and an impressive knowledge in education. Whenever I need some editing, she is the one I call. Thank you Audrey for your fantastic work!

Tae Kudo,
Associate Professor, EFL textbook author

Audrey accurately reflects the intent of the author, grasping not only the writing itself but also reading between the lines. She made everything much clearer than what it had been. She understood what I wanted so quickly that I didn’t have to explain the details to her, which saved me a lot of time and energy. I appreciated her additional effort and her commitment. Audrey is a real professional—reliable and dedicated!

Robin Roberts
Fiction Author

I have written my first book and Audrey has been such a help! We worked together getting it ready to publish and I have learned so much. She has an eye for detail without trampling creative vision. She’s professional and knowledgable and makes a big job easier and my writing much better.