Our Services

Professional Editing Services For:

Business ProfessionalsEditing for blogs, emails, PPT presentations, reports, and other business correspondence.
WritersEditing for individuals writing novels, memoirs, book chapters, or academic articles.
Non-Native English SpeakersSpecializing in clients whose first language is not English.

Technical Editing

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

This is a basic proofread where I correct all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Merriam-Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, online edition is used unless otherwise requested.

Style Editing

Style Manuals

I will make sure the style of the text is consistent using a style manual such as the Chicago Manual of StyleAPAAMA, MLA, or your own house style.

Correlation Editing

Consistency and Formatting

Correlation editing consists of checking related parts of the text such as subheadings, cross-references, citations, captions, reference lists, etc. for consistency and proper formatting.

Developmental Editing

Addresses Structure and Organization

Developmental editing involves addressing larger issues of structure and organization (phrasing, flow, clarity, etc.). This will help make your writing/message consistent, smooth, and compelling so your reader moves effortlessly through your material. A developmental edit also includes examining the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript relevant to engaging the target audience.